Now Live – My Crowdfunding page

Hey all it’s been a while since I last posted an update. A number of things have been going on and some new stresses have put a set back on my updates.

In the past month or 2 a good friend and old work colleague Andy Benn, wants to help me and my family.

By raising money with help of some of Andy’s friends to walk up and down Ben Nevis as many times possible. This will happen hopefully on the 21st June 2018 which is the longest day.                     In addition to this I’m also hoping to raise awareness, within my industry as an on going project. To setup and help members like myself in the catering industry hit by a disability or long term illness.

The crowdfunding site is now up and running so please have a look and pass on to as many people as possible

What if this happened to me?



Further news on: Facing a Disability within the Catering Industry

Further news from my last post about “Facing a disabilty within the Catering Industry”

I have now launched a new group on Facebook called “Cater4SCI”


It will be a group which other members like myself which have been employed in the catering industry in numerous duties have suddenly been hit with a Spinal Cord Injury. And made huge impacts on our changing life.

I will be using this group to get the industry to open up to people like myself and try to accommodate and find positions which our skills and experience are still required and not wasted!


Facing a Disability within the Catering Industry

After working in the catering industry for 25 plus years. I’ve had positions where being active within my role, and standing on my feet for the shift period. However that all changed on October 21st 2015 where I underwent a life threatening spinal cord operation.

Michel roux jrn highlighted this subject a couple of years ago on CH4 “Kitchen Impossible” showing how it’s possible for a group of guys with disabilities to work in various of jobs in the catering industry. Since this program aired I feel a lot more needs to be done to address this area. Particularly focusing on the area like What I went through being paralysed due to the nature of my type of injury.


I’m currently collating information from other members within the catering industry if your a Chef, Baker, front of house, waiter/waitress or any other position where your position has been compromised due to a spinal cord injury. I would love to hear from anyone who has not managed to return to work because of this subject.

Im working on a project and hope it could be a start of a positive outcome for catering members for the future.

Will keep all updated as I receive more information etc about this

Thank you, Simon.

Disability and notifying the local Firebrigade

♿️🔥Some word of advice in the recent events of the tragic fire disaster in West London.
To all my fello friends with a disability, you should register with the local fire brigade (if not already) and inform them of your disability. This will let the fire brigade know How quick you can vacate the property incase of a fire, if your wheelchair bound or need additional help, have other members inc young children etc. They will send a local fireman out to check your property, plus install new up to date smoke alarms which have a 10 year life inc the batteries!
This puts you in a higher level incase of an emergency with the local fire station.

This can also apply to the work place! please inform your employer to make sure there is a emergency plan put in place for your disability.


Tragic disaster hits West London


Sincere condolences to all the families and individuals affected in this tragic disaster in West London in the early hours of Wednesday 14th June 2017.

Grief and sorrow at the Grenfell Tower inferno on Thursday gave way to anger as residents of the gutted block demanded answers over the litany of failings which led to the disaster.

As fears mounted that the death toll could rise above 100, senior politicians who visited the scene were asked to explain why a series of loopholes had left the inhabitants vulnerable, despite repeated warnings over the last 30 years.

**Members of the public who are concerned about friends and relatives should contact the Police Casualty Bureau on 0800 096 1233 or 020 7158 0197.**

What is Spinal Cord Injury SCI?

What is Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)?
The spinal cord is made up of nerves that run through the backbone and help control the body’s muscles, enabling a person to move their body, feel pressure and control vital functions such as their breathing, bladder and bowels.

If the spinal cord is damaged, messages travelling from the brain to the rest of the body are disrupted and can result in a loss of sensation and movement from below the point of injury.

Whilst the most common cause of spinal cord injury (SCI) is often trauma, it can also arise as a result of an infection or disease.

Levels of Spinal Cord Injury


The higher up the location of the injury in the spinal cord, the greater proportion of the body will be affected. Just as each person is unique, so too is each injury: people with SCI will often experience varying degrees sensation and loss of mobility.

SCI can be broken down into two different types of paralysis:


Damaging the spinal cord in the mid/lower part of the back results in paraplegia.
Paraplegia affects the movement and sensation in your legs and can also affect the muscles within the stomach.
Tetraplegia (also known as Quadraplegia)

Damaging the spinal cord in the neck results in tetraplegia/quadraplegia.
Tetraplegia affects movement and sensation in all four limbs, in addition to the stomach and some chest muscles.